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Our foundational belief is that winning is not the goal, but rather a byproduct of our team’s primary focus - to work hard for each other, to have fun playing the game of soccer together as friends, and to finish stronger than we started. While they are seemingly small items, they are simple details that we can fall back on when things get tough. So, while we want to win, winning is never our focus. We consider winning as a short-term goal; we are trying to achieve long-term results. 


The Goal


To offer a high-level training and playing environment while promoting player growth within a team centered mentality.  All players are welcome regardless of geographic and town affiliation.  Coaches must operate with a high level of integrity and a wholistic player development mentality.

Off Season


Our players are encourage to participate in other sports in the off season.  We feel this helps to develop the vast array of athletic movements and coordination needed to compete at a high level.  Many of our players compete in Winter and Spring sports in addition to soccer training sessions.


Want to Join?

Our club structure is set up to accept entire teams or single players who want to be part of something different.  If you have an team looking for a home or if you are a single player desiring a better experience, we encourage you to read through the PMG focus and goals and contact us with any questions.

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